A travelling Zumi


The petite Zumi are a creative race, lovers of invention and commerce. They originated from the distant, parched deserts of the south-east, and some have theorized that it was this barren existence that left their minds open to the inspirations of the cosmos. (Worth noting: this romantic viewpoint is usually put forward by Zumi themselves.) They traveled to the central continent for the vast trade opportunities it represented and generally get along well with most races. However, they regard the frog-like Anuran with disdain, considering them too light-hearted and unappreciative of the scientific arts.

Zumi characters begin their journey in Fegeral Valley. Zumi were added after Humans, and were the second playable race. [1] [2] [3]

Zumi NPCsEdit


  • The Zumi image (showen above) appears to be Alec, a merchant in Eden Eternal.
  • Zumi was the second playable race after Humans.
  • The name of the race Zumi comes from the Japanese word "nezumi", meaning mouse or rat.
  • You cannot select a gender as a Zumi, as the character states, "Zumi are only one race". It is unknown if this means male or female, or if in fact Zumi are gender-less.
  • Zumi is also a mustard yellow pigment derived from the cherry apple.
  • Zumi is also a character in XIN, a series of flash cartoons produced by LiFe.1 Entertainment.
  • In some versions of the game, this race is simply called "Mouse".