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Prerequisite:Character Level: 55; Shaman Level: 40; Magician Level: 40

The warlock is a magician that has succumbed to the lure of dark magics. While these magics tend to be overwhelmingly powerful, they carry great personal risk to the warlock who attempts to harness them. Only a focused and clear mind can harness the power of the warlock without destroying themselves. [1]

Warlock Class SkillsEdit

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These are the skills that can be obtained by Warlocks. Warlocks focus on debuffing enemies with dark magic. They can also summon a Behelder to protect them, and incoporate the use of dangerous fear effects.


  • Main Stats: Luck, Agility, Intellect
  • Offensive Stats: M-ATK (int), M- Crit Damage (int), M-Crit Rate (luck), M-ATK SPD (agi)

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Characteristic Race Effect
Knowledgeable icon Memory Of Death All Renders caster immune to fear
Skull Cloak icon Skull Cloak Human M-CRIT Rate +20%
Critical Enchantment icon Critical Enchantment Zumi Received CRIT DMG -15%
Dark Blood Tattoo icon Blood Tattoo Anuran Lightning, Fire, and Dark resistances +10%
Cloth Armor Mastery trait icon Cloth Armor Mastery All Can wear Cloth Armor


Certificate Level Effect
Soul ritual Soul Ritual I 10 M-CRIT DMG +10%
Demon's eye Demon Eyes I 20 ACC +10%
Multiple curses Multiple Curses I 30 Increases Double Hit chance +1%, but damage decreases each hit
Soul ritual Soul Ritual II 40 M-CRIT DMG +20%
Demon's eye Demon Eyes II 50 ACC +15%
Multiple curses Multiple Curses II 60 Increases Double Hit chance +2%, but damage decreases each hit

Certificate BonusesEdit

Certificate bonuses are bonuses that you can gain by equipping a certain number of certificates from your main class branch. To see the certificate bonuses that can be gained, check Magic DPS/Certificate Bonuses

Talent TreeEdit

Knowledge TreeEdit

Warlock Class ExpertiseEdit

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Gameplay StylesEdit

All Warlocks generally focus on debuffing enemies and damage output.

Warlocks are known for their high amounts of damage towards single enemies, making it advisable for Warlocks to have high M-Crit Rates and Damage.


Warlocks can wear Cloth Armor


Warlocks don't gain bonuses from specific weapons therefore weigh the pros and cons of using a weapon/shield combinations.

The skills with a long cast time are for outside combat only. Staves have an inherently high level of M-ATK so its best to give the warlock a good Staff with high M-ATK and M-CRIT. If one needs to cast spells faster, it may be wiser to go with a grimoire.

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  • Warlock is the only class along with Hunter, Illusionist, and Shaman, that can summon class specific pets.