map of Valley of Kings

Valley of Kings (Chinese: 帝王谷, dìwáng gǔ) is the level 34–37 area on the central continent. It contains Garden, the Rotten 3-player dungeon, the Ulta Hall 5-player dungeon, and the Witness of Prosperity regional fame faction.

Valley of Kings is connected by portal to Wetlands (30–33) to the southeast.

The Valley of Kings was the highest level area available in closed beta, and is home to Relics and Ruins treasured by the Cerian people. It is treasured so highly that the ancient and wise Torturras were tasked with guarding these relics. This is why all the NPC's in the area are Torturras. Garden has a general Merchant, Weapon Merchant, Fame Shop, Armor merchant, Revival Point, Warp (city Portal), and quests that you can receive. Later on, there are many creatures from the Carmela Gang that you must defeat.


Completing the "The Valley" quests awards the Trial of the Garden Protector achievement and the Emperor's Gladiator title (AGI +16).

Completing the "The Unknown Poison" quests awards the Pest Problem achievement and the Emperor's Campaigner title (STR +16).

Completing the "Rotten" quests awards the Demise of the Imperial Guardians achievement and the The Exterminator title (INT +16).

Completing the "Bewitched Shells" quests awards the Gador's Stolen Curse achievement, the Emperor's Guardian title (WIS +16), and one of the three Ice Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Ulta Hall" quests awards the Ancient Dragon Spirit achievement.