The Ursun are a close-knit race from the high mountains of the central continent. History and culture are regarded as sacrosanct among the Ursun, as they have a great deal of both. Several hundred years ago, all Ursun lived under the rule of a great King, but a struggle for the throne divided the kingdom into two warring factions. The usurper failed, but led his followers into the lowlands. Though he is long dead, his followers continue the war to this day.

Ursun were added to the game after the Anura and Halfkin, becoming the fifth playable race. [1]

Ursun NPCsEdit


  • The official Ursun image appears to be exactly the same as NPC Deln.
  • The name of this race, like many of the other races in Eden Eternal, is derived from the name of the animal they represent (From Latin ursus). Ursun is also the name of a god in Warhammer Online, who is the "Father of Bears".
  • In some versions, this race is simply known as "Bear".