Tranquil Hill is located on the Central Continent. It is suitable for levels nine to fourteen. On completion of main and repeatable quests, players may also receive Seabell Shipping regional fame points.

Places of Interest Edit

Seabell Edit

Seabell is a charming seaside town, and is the primary settlement of the Tranquil Hill map. Mercantile boats are docked in the harbour, where portals from other beginner maps can be seen. Most of the town's NPCs can be located here.

Ransacked Camp Edit


Looted Caravan Edit

As the name implies, this area is where Merchant Abel's caravans were attacked. Ursun Mercenary Julian can be found here in front of a large boulder. The elite monster Mars' Spear Papineau can ordinarily be seen here roaming.

Camina Ranch Edit

Camina Ranch is located on the bottom of the map situated atop a small grassy hill. Ranch Owner Brock and Ranch Hostess Utia can be found here. An alpaca enclosure stands adjacent to the ranch, where players are able to have a free alpaca when Alpaca's Friends quest is completed.

Starry Coast Edit

The Starry Coast is a serene and peaceful beach spot located between Camina Ranch and Seabell. Sandpiles and monsters are seen here.

Fort Verdue (DGN) Edit

Main article: Fort Verdure
Fort Verdure is a dungeon located within Ransacked Camp on the northwest corner of the map. It has two bosses, Quade and Ketak. Players can enter the dungeon at level fourteen.

NPCs Edit

Name Coordinates
IconMerchant NPC
Dye Merch. Lady Rainbow
(X: 357, Y:322)
IconMerchant NPC
Travelling Merch. Rel
(X:501, Y:131)
IconMerchant NPC
General Merchant Gardon
(X: 346, Y:332)
IconWeapon NPC
Weapon Merchant Raseright
(X:334, Y:335)
IconArmor NPC
Amor Merchant Utana
(X:333, Y:330)

Name Coordinates
IconFame NPC
Seabell Mayor Spence
(X:354, Y:296)
Ursun Mercenary Julian (X:179, Y:332)
Ranch Owner Brock TBA
Port Foreman Naut (X:440, Y:262)
Merchant Abel (X:482, Y:310)
Police Chief Rolf (X:331, Y:354)

Name Coordinates
Ranch Hostess Utia (X:181, Y:112)
Palen Prophet Rolanka TBA
Restaurant Chef Eyern (X:345, Y:330)
Dancer Obelle (X:360, Y:310)
Frog Swordsman Day TBA

Quests (TBA)Edit

Monsters (TBA) Edit

Information about monsters present in Tranquil Hill are listed below.

Note: The coordinates of each monster are not precise.

Common Monsters Edit

Starshell Hermit Crab
Level Aggr Coord
08 Passive X:452 Y:424
Noctiluca Angelly
Level Aggr Coord
08 Hostile X:519 Y:379
Axebeak Eagle
Level Aggr Coord
09 Hostile X:330 Y:463
Tyrian Eagle
Level Aggr Coord
09 Hostile X:313 Y:487
Crone Eagle
Level Aggr Coord
10 Hostile NA
Bay Angelly
Level Aggr Coord
10 Passive TBA
Red Rock Hermit Crab
Level Aggr Coord
10 Passive X:294 Y:160
Macaw Raptor
Level Aggr Coord
11 Hostile X:230 Y:100
Iron Hide Boar
Level Aggr Coord
11 Passive X:245 Y:261
Ivory Tusk Boar
Level Aggr Coord
12 Passive X:192 Y:274
Eagle Gang Gangster
Level Aggr Coord
12 Hostile X:196 Y:378
Eagle Gang Butcher
Level Aggr Coord
12 Hostile X:118 Y:397
Eagle Gang Killer
Level Aggr Coord
13 Hostile X:145 Y:459
Eagle Gang Swordsman
Level Aggr Coord
13 Hostile X:152 Y:445
Eagle Gang Robber
Level Aggr Coord
13 Hostile X:77 Y:476
Eagle Gang Assassin
Level Aggr Coord
14 Hostile X:90 Y:502

Boss Monsters Edit

Kaba Kaba
<Indigo Crab>
Level Aggr Coord
08 Passive X:430 Y:400
<Poison Angelly>
Level Aggr Coord
10 Passive X:512 Y:146
<Screaming Parrot>
Level Aggr Coord
11 Passive X:180 Y:180
<Crazy Crab King>
Level Aggr Coord
11 Passive X:391 Y:179
Tusk Tusk
<Sawtooth Boar>
Level Aggr Coord
12 Passive X:180 Y:180
<Eagle Eye Fighter>
Level Aggr Coord
13 Passive X:154 Y:243
Johnny Two Hands
<Speedy Axe>
Level Aggr Coord
13 Passive X:92 Y:503
<Sawtooth Boar>
Level Aggr Coord
13 Hostile X:98 Y:344
<Mars' Spear>
Level Aggr Coord
14 Passive TBA

Achievements (TBA) Edit

Completing the "Seabell" quests awards the The Team's Asset achievement and a 1-day version of a Grassland Alpaca.

Completing the "The Eagle Gang" quests awards the Of Truth and Meat achievement, the The Robbing Hood title (INT +5), and one of the four Wind Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Fort Verdure" quests awards the The Way of the Old Knight achievement and the Seabell Savior title (WIS +5).