Defense (Tank) classes specialize in using their high-Malice AoE abilities and sturdy Heavy Armor to easily withstand the harshest of attacks while maintaining a formidable damage output, utilizing Melee weapons and offensive buffs to get the job done without anybody getting hurt. Tank options in Eden Eternal are the Warrior, Knight, Templar and Dragon Knight.

To know more about the tank role, visit the tanking page.

Class Branches

Class Specialty Requirement
Warrior class large icon.png
Warrior Battle Techniques
  • Char. level: 1
  • Prerequisites: none
Knight class large icon.png
Knight Way of the Knight
  • Char. level: 25
  • Prerequisites: Warrior level 10
Templar class large icon.png
Templar Justice
  • Char. level: 60
  • Prerequisites: Cleric level 45; Knight level 45
Dragon Knight class large icon.png
Dragon Knight Spear Expert
  • Char. level: 70
  • Prerequisites: Complete the "Awakening of the Drake's Soul" mission.

Regular Skills

Icon Name Char. lvl Type Weapon Cast Time Description
Deep Impact skill icon.png
Deep Impact 1 P-ATK Melee Instant Increases P-ATK +X. If you deal damage while your enemy is under the Destroyer effect, you have a 15% chance to knock the enemy down. Lasts 3 seconds.
Destroyer skill icon.png
Destroyer 3 P-ATK Melee Instant Inflicts X DMG every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Also reduces the target's EVA by X points. Stacks up to 3 times.
Combat Cyclone skill icon.png
Combat Cyclone 5 P-ATK Melee Instant Increases P-ATK +X points and strikes all enemies within 10 feet.
Declaration of Anger skill icon.png
Declaration of Anger 7 Buff - Instant Increases Malice caused by attacks +X points for 30 seconds and reduces received P-DMG -X points.
Provoke skill icon.png
Provoke 9 P-ATK
Melee Instant Increases P-ATK +X points and incites an enemy to attack you. Also causes the enemy to take an additional +X damage for 6 seconds.

Certificate Bonus

Strength Increase Heart of War Shield Master
2 Certificates 3 Certificates 4 Certificates
STR +2% Increases Deep Impact and Combat Cyclone's DMG +10% Shield DEF +50%, HP+20%

Defense Branch
Awaken Classes
Glacier Knight
Blood Knight.jpg
Blood Knight
Dragon Soul.jpg
Dragon Soul
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