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"It's not nice to fool someone who can incinerate your heart."


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Prerequisite: Character Level: 45; Cleric Level: 30

The Shaman is the most heavy-handed class of the Healing and Support branch. Mystical shamans expertly manipulate the elements of nature to rain torrents of damage upon the enemy. Disorient your enemies in a whirlwind of earth, nature and fire spells.


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Shaman uses lightning bolts, nature attacks, and totems to alter the course of battle.



Shaman Overview:

Passives Abilities[]

Characteristic Race Effect
Staff Bonus icon.png Staff Bonus All When equipped with a staff, Cast SPD +10%
Shield of Nature icon.png Shield of Nature Human Decreases received P-DMG -5%
One with Nature icon.png One with Nature Zumi Nature, Fire, & Lightning resistance +10%
Wild Resonance icon.png Wild Resonance Anuran Increases M-CRIT Rate +20%
Cloth Armor Mastery trait icon.png Cloth Armor Mastery All Can wear Cloth Armor


Certificate Level Effect
AncientSpiritSpellicon.png Ancient Spirit Spell I 10 All Elemental Resistances +3%
SpiritTotemicon.png Spirit Totem I 20 M-CRIT DMG +10%
FocusedThoughticon.png Focused Thought I 30 Cast SPD +5%
AncientSpiritSpellicon.png Ancient Spirit Spell II 40 All Elemental Resistances +5%
SpiritTotemicon.png Spirit Totem II 50 M-CRIT DMG +20%
FocusedThoughticon.png Focused Thought II 60 Cast SPD +10%

Shaman: Shamans commune with spirits of the ancients, summoning them to grant their allies with immensely powerful protection charms. A true master of shamans may even be capable of creating an artificial casing to hold the power of these spirits in a physical form, towering over a battlefield and causing immense damage to all who oppose it. [1]

Certificate Bonuses[]

Certificate bonuses are bonuses that you can gain by equipping a certain number of certificates from your main class branch. To see the certificate bonuses that can be gained, check Healing and Support/Certificate Bonuses


  • Shaman is very similar to a "Druid" type class seen in other MMORPGs.
  • Shaman and Blade Dancer are the only 3rd tier classes that do not require two classes to become.
  • Shaman, along with Blade Dancer, have the lowest class and character requirements of the 3rd job classes.



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