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An Obscured Ranger prior to release.

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Character Level: 65; Hunter Level: 50 Martial Artist Level: 50

Ranger: The ranger is the fast attacking, heavy crit focused version of the Hunter. They don't rely as heavily on surprise opening attacks as they can cut down a fully aware opponent so long as they wield distance as their weapon. [1]

Ranger Class Skills[]

Ranger Bio
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The Ranger is known to use guns or bows.

..."Preferring solitude, rangers have changed shooting techniques. When attacked by a group of enemies, rangers are able to quickly and keenly deal damage to everone by firing at multple targets..."

Like other Ranged DPS classes, Ranger focuses on bringing down targets "quickly and keenly". It also seems Ranger is adept at ''...deal[ing] damage to everyone by firing at multiple targets...". It is unknown whether they do this using Splash AOE abilities, or using actual "multi shot" abilities, where the player fires at multiple targets in a specific area- or perhaps by pre selecting the targets. It is hinted at that this "multi-shot" ability is also used on single targets for high damage as well. Other than this, their skills are unknown. It is speculated that Ranger has hiding abilities, similar to Thief. This would make sense due to their Melee DPS background, but may not be valid at all. Unlike Engineer, Ranger does not seem to require a transformation to switch from being more single target oirented or AOE oriented, except for skill setup.

Ranger Stats[]

Main Stats: Strength, Luck, Agility

Passive Abilities[]



Certificate Level Effect
Quick aim.png Quick Aim I 10 Attack Speed ​​+8%
Quick passing.png Quick Passing I 20 +5% Movement speed
Dual arrow shot.png Dual Arrow Shot I 30 Increases Double Hit chance +1%, but damage decreases each hit.
Quick aim.png Quick Aim II 40 +15% Attack speed
Quick passing.png Quick Passing II 50 +10% Movement Speed
Dual arrow shot.png Dual Arrow Shot II 60 Increases Double Hit chance +2%, but damage decreases each hit

Talent Tree[]

Knowledge Tree[]

Ranger Class Expertise[]

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  • Once released, Rangers will have the highest required character level and highest required previous class level in the game.
  • Strangley enough, Ranger seems to be wielding what looks like a Katana when selecting Ranger during character creation.
  • Some believe (because of the Katana/Cutlass, and the guns) that Ranger may be more Pirate oriented. However, this information is uncofirmed and merely speculation.