Rainbowfall Forest is located on the Central Continent. It is suitable for levels fifteen to nineteen. On completion of main and repeatable quests, players may also receive Opera Tribe regional fame points.

Places of InterestEdit

Prismata Edit

A central lake fed by many waterfalls.

Lull MeadowEdit

A dense jungle along Prismata's southern and western edges.

Bicid BogEdit

Home to ruins and a Dark Marsh Tribe.

Taos Channel (DGN) Edit

Quests Edit

Completing the "The Village Secret" quests awards the Panic in the Village achievement.

Completing the "Prismata" quests awards the Wicked Trainer achievement and the Opera's Praises title (LCK +5).

Completing the "The Dark Marsh" quests awards the The Source of the Chaos achievement, and one of the four Wind Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Tasos Channel" quests awards the Secret of the Crystal achievement and the Rainbow Glow title (AGI +9).