Quest types[edit | edit source]

Quest givers are denoted by a bright yellow, blue or grey exclamation mark above their head, right-click to talk to them to view the quest and click "Accept" to, of course, accept it.

  • Yellow quests are related to the main story of the game of a the current area. They can only be done once, but reward the most amount of experience and gold, as well as equipment.
  • Blue quests are repeatable quests and have the word "Repeatable" at the end of their name. These can be done more than once but only give limited amount of experience, money and fame.
  • Yellow and Blue exclamation marks turn grey if your character is too high level for them. The experience, gold and equipment will be much less rewarding than a quest around your level.
  • Book quests are obtained if you buy Quest Books from Grocery Vendors or Traveling Merchants. These work similarly to Yellow quests.
  • Guild quests are similar to repeatable quests, but instead of starting with characters in town they start from scrolls bought from the Guild Officer in Aven or the Bulletin Board in your Guild's town. Completing these rewards gold, experience and fame to you and your guild.

Players can do multiple quests at the same time. Thus if you have a repeatable quest, a yellow quest, a book quest and a guild quest to kill 10 monsters you can complete them all at the same time.

Quests in Limestone Mountain[edit | edit source]


Crystal Clue

Oracle Magi


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