How to invite a player

Players can form parties, or groups, to overcome challenges they otherwise wouldn't be able to defeat. It is recommended to join other players when doing dungeons and bosses .

It is recommended to bring at least one cleric and, depending on the difficulty, a tank (warrior , knight , templar).


A party is automatically created when a player invites another to a party.


To invite someone, simply right click his portrait and click "Invite Player".


Simply right click your own portrait and click "Leave Party".


You must be invited by the party's leader.

Party leaderEdit

The player who initiates the party will be the party leader. He or she can kick players, reset dungeons , set different loot rules and promote another player to leader. Only one player can be the leader.

Party interfaceEdit

Under your character's portrait you can see your allies' name, trait, class, level, health bar, mana bar,


Party interface

buffs and debuffs . If they have a class specific pet, it's health bar will be shown next to them. You can quick select your allies' by pressing F1 through F5.

A golden crown next to the player's level indicates he or she is the party's leader.

Offline membersEdit

If a player gets disconnected from the game, he or she will be shown in the party interface with no health or mana. After reconnecting they'll be teleported to outside the dungeon, but can rejoin his or her party normally.