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Miller, a boss monster

Monsters are the opposing enemy in Eden Eternal. They are typically creatures, although some are human or another race. They are found throughout the world (except in Even, unless summoned) or in dungeons.

Monsters can be interacted with by attacking it or running within monsters' range. Defeating monsters yield characters points and class points, where they occasionally drop items when defeated. In gameplay, monsters are killed as part of quest or by what they drop when defeated.

Types of Monsters[]

Monsters in Eden Eternal come in various types. These types are indicated by the icon on the left-hand side of the monsters health tab.



This icon identifies a monster as generally harmless or weak. Most common monsters are labeled with this icon.
This icon identifies a monster as a strong monster. Elite monsters are commonly labeled with this icon.
This icon identifies a monster as a very strong monster. Bosses are most commonly labeled with this icon.

Table has been adapted from Aura Kingdom's Terminology

Common Monsters[]

Main article: Common Monster

Common monsters are found throughout Eden Eternal's maps. These types of monsters are typically weak and are usually harmless. They are generally killed as part of a quest, or drops items of white quality. They may also drop rare crafting materials.

Elite Monsters[]

Main article: Elite Monster

Elites monsters usually have the same appearance as common monsters but are generally bigger. They also have a title above their name. There are two types of elite monsters: common and rare. Common elites are targeted for quests and respawn after a few seconds. Rare elite monsters when defeated, reward players with an achievement and a chance for elite monster drops. Rare elite monsters respawn approximately twenty to thirty minutes.


Main article: Bosses

Bosses are usually found inside dungeons and typically require a party of players of the small level or higher to defeat them. When a boss is defeated and the break point bar emptied, equipment and improved loot is guaranteed to be dropped. Players can expect corresponding materials and equipments with their character level with all kills.

Break-Point System[]

The break point bar can be seen underneath the monster's 'MP', abbreviated as 'BP' for break-point.

Main article: Break Point System

The break point system allows players to be rewarded with better equipment and rare materials when the break

point bar is depleted. The break point bar is located beneath the monster's character portrait and is reduced by attacking the boss with certain types of damages. They can be bluntpiercingslashingfire, ice, nature, lightning, holy or dark.


Aggression in Eden Eternal is shown by an attack on the player by nearby enemies. Hostile monsters attack immediately once a player is detected within the monster's range, regardless if the player attacked or not. Some monsters could be hiding and may attack a player if nearby.

Passive monsters don't attack, unless a player attacked them first. Some quests require players to destroy monsters such as eggs or sandpits, where the revealed monster becomes more aggressive.

Monster Overviews[]