"The best defense is a good offense. Plus my fists. That should do it."

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Martial Artist


Character Level: 40; Thief Level: 25

Martial Artists view combat as a deadly dance between opponents. Having meticulously molded their bodies into fierce fighting machines, Martial Artists use their focused discipline and fervent strength conditioning to deftly battle enemies. Not content to rely on weapons and armor alone, the Martial Artist's best weapon is incredible strength and speed.


Martial artist stats

Martial Artist skills focus on using the Cestus to pummel foes. Martial Artist has many party buff abilities.


Main Stats: Luck, Strength, Agility


Martial Artist is a powerful combatant, who uses their powerful buffs and cestus to take out enemies quickly and efficiently.


Characteristic Race Effect
Cestus Expert icon Cestus Expert All When equipped with a cestus, weapon's ATK & M-ATK +10%
Concussive Impact icon Concussive Impact Human Has a 2% chance to Stun the target when attacking
Lasts 3 sec
Strong Build icon Strong Build Zumi When equipped with a 1 H Blunt weapon, 1 H Blunt Weapon ATK SPD +10%
Swamp Martial Art icon Swamp Martial Art Anuran Increases Double Hit chance +2%, but damage decreases with each hit
Light Armor Mastery trait icon Light Armor Mastery All Can wear Light Armor


Certificate Level Effect
Powerful muscle Powerful Muscle I 10 STR +10%
Stamina Stamina I 20 Max HP +5%
Defense energy Defense Energy I 30 All DEF +5%
Powerful musclePowerful Muscle II 40 STR +15%
StaminaStamina II 50 Max HP +10%
Defense energy Defense Energy II 60 All DEF +10%

Certificate BonusesEdit

Certificate bonuses are bonuses that you can gain by equipping a certain number of certificates from your main class branch. To see the certificate bonuses that can be gained, check Melee DPS/Certificate Bonuses

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Martial Artist Class ExpertiseEdit

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Gameplay StylesEdit


Martial Artists use Light Armor.


Martial Artist are designed as two weapon fighters and gain passive bonuses for using the Cestus.


MartialArtist Male
  • Martial Artists get their Regular Skills from the Thief class.
  • Martial Artists are sometimes referred to as Monk.
  • Martial Artists have many skills that are similar to Blade Dancer.