Magic DPS classes are masters of spells and enchantments. They usually keep to themselves, often retreating to secluded forest hideaways where they pore over spell books and scrolls for months, sometimes years. These secretive beings don't outright control nature, but rather work with it, through an ancient and mysterious partnership with the elements.

Class BranchesEdit

Class Specialty Requirement
Magician Magician Elemental Knowledge
  • Char. level: 1
  • Prev. class: none
  • Char. level: 1
  • Prev. class: none
Illusionist Illusionist Metamorphosis Magic
  • Char. level: 30
  • Prev. class: Magician
Warlock Warlock Death Magic
  • Char. level: 55
  • Prev. class: Magician level 40; Shaman level 40

Regular SkillsEdit

Icon Name Char. lvl Type Weapon Cast Time Description
Fire Bomb skill icon Fire Bomb 1 M. Fire Attack - 1.5 sec Dmgs enemy, has a 15% chance to inflict confusion for 3 sec
Winter's Chill skill icon Winter's Chill 3 M. Ice Attack - 1.5 sec Inflicts DPS and decreases targets' move SPD by 10% for 12 sec. Stacks x3
Lightning Web skill icon Lightning Web 5 M. Lightning Attack - Instant Deals dmg to all enemies within 15 Ft.
Magic Boost skill icon Magic Boost 7 Self Buff - Instant Increases your INT and Cast SPD for 30 sec.
Dimensional Jump skill icon Dimensional Jump 9 Self-Buff - Instant Teleports you 20 ft, increases EVA for 6 sec.

Certificate BonusEdit

Intelligence Increase Magic Moon Demon Spell Master
2 Certificates 3 Certificates 4 Certificates
INT +2% Increases Fire Bomb and Lightning Web's DMG +10% Max MP +15%