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Luminary is a Magic DPS class in Eden Eternal. It is available at character creation.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Traits[edit | edit source]

All races
Chaos Assault trait icon.png Chaos Assault
M-CRIT rate +20%. Chaos Incarnate when Holy Blessing / Darkness Descends cancel.
Light Armor Mastery trait icon.png Light Armor Mastery
Luminaries wear light armor.
Chaotic Mindset trait icon.png Chaotic Mindset
M-ATK +5%
Fleeting Shadow trait icon.png Fleeting Shadow
Move SPD +5%
Chaos Whirlwind trait icon.png Chaos Whirlwind
Cast SPD +5%
Soul Splitter trait icon.png Soul Splitter
Sword Counter trait icon.png Sword Counter
Double hit rate +5%

Stats[edit | edit source]

Luminary stat modifiers

Human Zumi Anura Ursun Halfkin
HP 101% 97% 105% 107% 93%
MP 113% 123% 106% 109% 129%
AGI 110% 113% 110% 112% 110%
INT 118% 115% 121% 115% 118%
LCK 115% 115% 112% 116% 115%

The following stats are important for Luminaries:

  • Agility, for Cast SPD and EVA
  • Intellect, for M-ATK
  • Luck, for M-CRIT rate and ACC

Gameplay styles[edit | edit source]

New characters begin with two Lumineer Blades, swords with caster stats such as INT, M-CRIT Rate, and M-CRIT DMG, but which can only be equipped while the character is a Luminary. The stats of Lumineer Blades increase as the character's base level increases.

Luminaries have many skills that slowly stack up until either activated by a separate ability or until they reach max stacks.

Gear[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

While playing as a Luminary, a character will change to his or her light armor set.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Every Luminary skill requires the character to be wielding at least one rapier, sword, or greatsword. If wielding one rapier or sword, the character's other hand is free to equip a shield for blocking, or a mace for more M-ATK and other caster stats.

Luminaries have a hidden modifier to their magic attack based on which weapon is equipped.[1]

Greatsword gives more M-ATK than Sword. 
Sword gives slightly more M-ATK than Rapier.

Greatsword increases magic attack by about 100% 
Sword increases magic attack by about 25%
Rapier increases magic attack by about 25% 
Sword + Rapier increases magic attack by about 56% (1.25*1.25)

Using Sword + Rapier will give bonuses for both, however using Sword + Sword or Rapier + Rapier will only give a single bonus (similar to how Legendary Achievements work).

Based on this, you’ll get the most magic attack from Greatswords and the second most from duel wielding a Sword and Rapier (more than duel wielding a Mace/Sword or Mace/Rapier).

References[edit | edit source]

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