Limestone Mountain is located on the Central Continent, and is the starting map for humans and halfkins. It is suitable for levels one to eight. On completion of main and repeatable quests, players may also receive Andrew Mining regional fame faction, 

Places of Interest (TBA) Edit

Andrew Village Edit

Andrew Village is the starting point where humans and halfkins 'wake up' from their sleep with a supposed coma.

Andrew V. Mine Edit

A mine where Airy resides. Players are told by the citizens of Andrew Village that you were found in a dark blue crystal sleeping within this mine.

Waterwheel Cottage Edit

The Waterwheel Cottage is located near the center of the map. Players receive their quests from Oracle Magi Athena Marie and Ursun Warrior Deln who reside there.

Cerilia Forest Edit

A forest home to monsters and mushrooms. A portal to Tranquil Hill can be seen at the end of the forest.

Angor Quarry (DGN) Edit

Main article: Angor Quarry
Angor Quarry is a dungeon located southwest corner of the map. It has two bosses, Mori Mori and Herak. Players can enter the dungeon at level eight.


Name Coordinates
IconMerchant NPC
Zumi Merch. Alec
(X: 116, Y:296)
IconMerchant NPC
General Merch. Carrack
(X:338, Y:327)
IconMerchant NPC
Dye Merch. Lady Rainbow
(X: 346, Y:332)
IconWeapon NPC
Weapon Merchant Horn
(X:313, Y:337)
IconArmor NPC
Amor Merchant Stella
(X:320, Y:337)

Name Coordinates
Village Head Andrew (X:306, Y:300)
Orcle Magi Athena Marie (X:165, Y:120)
Mining Captain Laz TBA
Mining Captain Kev (X:102, Y:81)

Name Coordinates
Hunter Torch (X:181, Y:112)
Madam Cynthia (X:332, Y:305)
Miner Soot TBA


The following item begins quests in Limestone Mountain:

Completing the "Awakening" quests awards the Blue Crystal Chronicles achievement.

Completing the "Crystal Clue" quests awards the Search for Lost Relics achievement and the Gift of the Crystal title (AGI +5).

Completing the "Oracle Magi" quests awards the Materialistic Magician achievement.

Completing the "Angor Quarry" quests awards the Leaving the Mines achievement and the Hon. Andrew Villager title (STR +5).

Monsters Edit

Information about monsters present in Limestone Mountainl are listed below.

Note: The coordinates of each monster are not precise.

Common Monsters Edit

Red Cap Mushroid
Level Aggr Coord
01 Passive X:137 Y:287
Sharp Horn Yak
Level Aggr Coord
03 Passive X:72 Y:260
Hidden Angelly
Level Aggr Coord
04 Hostile X:199 Y:157
Rainbow Angelly
Level Aggr Coord
05 Hostile X:143 Y:204
Rocky High Mushroid
Level Aggr Coord
06 Hostile X:319 Y: 84
Limestone Golem
Level Aggr Coord
06 Hostile X:320 Y:80
Limestone Forged
Level Aggr Coord
07 Hostile X:115 Y:50
Major Horn Bison
Level Aggr Coord
07 Passive X:210Y:51

Boss Monsters Edit

<Wooly Bull>
Level Aggr Coord
03 Passive X:81 Y:330
<Shocking Angelly>
Level Aggr Coord
05 Passive X:126 Y:193
Granite Hands
<Ancient Mine Spirit>
Level Aggr Coord
06 Passive X:323 Y:59
<Poisonous Mushroid>
Level Aggr Coord
06 Passive X:291 Y:56
Slab Rock Fist
<Summoned Evil>
Level Aggr Coord
07 Passive X:135 Y:56
Justin Allspore
<Earth's Relic>
Level Aggr Coord
08 Passive TBA