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Periodically, Laz will recite tips to players through the chatbox (in random order)

  • Remember to check the character panel (Hotkey C) when you equip a new item.
  • If you wish to be a hero, you'll have to perfect your monster slaying skills and use all the bravery your heart can muster.

Talk to Text[]

"Well. I've seen many miracles, small and large, from breathtaking sunsets of dancing orange light to blind men's sight restored by the kindness of kings. But I've never seen a child born from a crystal," Laz chuckled kindly.
His friendly laughter gave you a surprisingly warm feeling, dispelling your anxiety.

IconTalk.png Introduction of Limestone Mountain[]

"Most residents in Andrew Village make their living more mining. Miners founded the village."
"There are many famous mines here, and we've discovered various materials."
"Several days ago, we discovered a huge vein of blue crystal. The extra income brought by the Blue Crystals has improved our lives."
"But the mining work has suddenly stopped." He sighed.
"What shall we do now?"