Gaining and Spending Knowledge PointsEdit

You gain 1 Knowledge Point each time you gain a level in your Class. As your class level starts at level one, you gain 1 Knowledge Point from the beginning. The total points that you have earned, as well as points you have left, are displayed in the center of the UI in game. Some Expertise abilities have higher max levels than other, some maxing at 20, some at 10, some at 5, and a few even at 1. The number of points needed for different levels is shown in the table below. Some of the Expertise abilities have prerequisites. Some abilities require you to have a certain number of ranks in a previous linking ability, shown by the linking arrows on the game screen: other require you to have a certain number of points earned. Many of these are abilities that are more damaging and suited to higher levels, or are abilities that give bonuses to skills that the Player would not have access to until that point in time when they had acquired so many Knowledge points. Remember, Class Expertises are class specific: you do not gain the bonuses of your Thief's Expertise abilities as a Warrior, and vice versa. Knowledge points also do not carry over through classes- there is no point saving up your Points for another class, as you can only spend the points you gain as Warrior in the Warrior Expertise abilities. Some however may save Knowledge Points to level up abilities with prerequisites ( like needing a certain amount of Knowledge points)- this is a real and viable option that some choose to take.