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Systematically, Kev will recite tips to players through the chatbox (in random order).

  • "If you right click a player's head panet to open the menu, you can form a party."
  • " "

Talk to Text[]

Those Mushrooms aren't aggressive, but they give out a fatally toxic fume." Kev shook his head anxiously.

"It's time to summon all the miners. And we have some preparations to make."

What happened in the pit?[]

"This mine was the earliest discovery of our Village Head Andrew. Now the mine continuously pumps out poison gas. We were forced to shut it down, and we're unsure if we'll ever to able to reopen it." "If we don't find a solution the Andrew Villageers' lives will be severely affected.


  • Kev wears the same type of upper armor as the official race picture of the Anuran.