Item Mall

Item Mall[edit | edit source]

The Item Mall is a shop in Eden Eternal where players can purchase additional Items for Aeria Points (AP). You can access it from the lower right corner of your interface near where the Options button is. The Item Mall has many different powerful items to improve gameplay experience- such as powerful Healing Potions and Mana Potions, stones that teleport you from NPC to NPC for quests, or even to certain monster locations, items that let you access your bank without being near it, pet food to increase the durability of pets so they can fight, auto repair items, scrolls that make items un-breakable when enchanting, and bags that open up inventory space in your Back Pack- and much much more.

Aeria Points[edit | edit source]

Unlike other shops in Eden Eternal, the Item Mall's items can only be bought with AP (Aeria Points). AP is a kind of "game cash" that is seperate from the money system in Eden Eternal. PLayers must purchase AP from the Official Site through a variety of purchasing options. AP is bought with real-world money however, meaning low budget players, or players who do not wish to spend money on the game do not have to buy AP-it is an Option Only, . Alternatively, players who do not wish to spend money, but would like AP also have the option to earn AP through, SponsorPay (a service where AP is earned through watching promotional videos). The game itself is completely free to download, install, and play and does not rely upon the Item Mall.

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