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"Hey, want to see a fun trick? HAH you're dead! Wanna play again?"


Illusionist class large icon.pngIllusionist[]


Character Level: 35 ; Magician Level: 20

Jesters may seem friendly, but be wary. As masters of deception, the illusionist class is highly skilled at distraction and enchantment. If their outlandish jester hats and checkered outfits aren't disorienting enough to the enemy, the illusionist can cast several hypnotizing spells and summon an arcane pet to help in battle. Illusionists can also restore mana to party members.[1]


Illusionist stats.jpg

These are the skills Illusionists can obtain. All of an Illusionist's skills help increase damage in some way, showing their true nature. The Illusionist, like the Magician, has many buffs as well as offensive moves. Unlike the Magician however, all of an Illusionist's skills are designed for more damage output- even their buffs are centered around gaining more MP or Magic Damage and Attack SPD, to cast more spells and hit harder, rather than for survival.

Icon Name Icon Name
Deadly Icicle skill icon.png Deadly Icicle Hypnotic Eye skill icon.png Hypnotic Eye
Stimulation skill icon.png Stimulation Psionic Focus skill icon.png Psionic Focus
Mind Surge skill icon.png Mind Surge Mind Control skill icon.png Mind Control
Emissary skill icon.png Emissary Ancient Call skill icon.png Ancient Call
Ineffective Magic skill icon.png Ineffective Magic Aerolite skill icon.png Aerolite


  • Main Stats: Luck, Agility, Intellect
  • Offensive Stats: M-ATK (int), M- Crit Damage (int), M-Crit Rate (luck), M-ATK SPD (agi)
Human Zumi Anuran Ursun Halfkin
HP 95%
MP 125%
STR 100%
AGI 108%
INT 120%
WIS 100%
LCK 115%


Info Needed

Passive Abilities[]

Characteristic Race Effect
Well Read icon.png Well Read All When equipped with a grimoire, its ATK & M-ATK +10%
Changing icon.png Changing Human Decrease Malice caused by attacks -10%
Critical Guard icon.png Critical Guard Zumi Received CRIT DMG -15%
Tough Skin icon.png Tough Skin Anuran Decreases received P-DMG -5%
Dimensional Flash Halfkin Increases Double Hit Rate by 2% but each strike deals less than the last
Strong Curse Ursun M-CRIT Rate +20%
Cloth Armor Mastery trait icon.png Cloth Armor Mastery All Can wear Cloth Armor

Updated as of August 31, 2012


Certificate Level Effect
Avatar Master icon.png Avatar Master I 10 EVA +4%
Time Tricks icon.png Time Tricks I 20 Cast SPD +5%
Illusion Control icon.png Illusion Control I 30 Decreases MP cost of casting skills by -2%
Avatar Master icon.png Avatar Master II 40 EVA +8%
Time Tricks icon.png Time Tricks II 50 Cast SPD +10%
Illusion Control icon.png Illusion Control II 60 Decreases MP cost of casting skills by -5%

Certificate Bonuses[]

Certificate bonuses are bonuses that you can gain by equipping a certain number of certificates from your main class branch. To see the certificate bonuses that can be gained, check Magic DPS/Certificate Bonuses

Talent Tree[]

Knowledge Tree[]

Illusionist Class Expertise[]

Illusionist image.png
Main article: Illusionist Class Expertise

Types of Gameplay[]

Solo: Offensive[]

Illusionist have an easy time in Solo quest and monsters. Once your Mecha Jinn gets to a decent level, send him in, and cast Deadly Icicles a few times. Along with crit %+, its a fearsome combo that can 2 shot enemies your level.

Party: Buff[]

Illusionist can use the Stimulation Skill to support the team's ATK/Cast Speed and with their Mind Surge Skill they can support the team by restoring their Mana Points.


Illusionist can use cloth armor.

It's recommended that illusionists wear armor that increases HP, because of how low illusionists' base HP is usually.


Illusionists typically use Grimoires as opposed to staves. However, like Mages, none of Illusionist's skills require you to use a Grimoire, so you are free to use whatever weapon you like. However, it is more effective to use a Grimoire or another other high M-ATK boosting weapon than a Sword or Axe.

Ideally, these are the weapons Illusionists should use:

Staff: It has a higher M-ATK then Grimoires but is weaker in melee combat. Staffs are good for M-CRIT focused Illusionists, so if the player casts Deadly Icicle with a staff the chance that the 3 hits are all criticals will be higher, there is a great chance that the unfortunate victim will not walk away alive.

Grimoire: Because Illusionists have a skill to increase ATK/Cast Speed, they can combine that with certain cerificates and/or cast armor to allow Fast Casting of spells with an effect of : casting skills at an alarming rate, and can shred groups of targets within seconds..


  • Illusionist, along with Hunter, Shaman, and Warlock, are the only classes that can summon class specific pets.
  • When playing as Illusionist in a party, be prepared to surrender damage in favor of becoming a MP replenishing machine (even if you and most of the party are not nearly out!). Most parties only take on this extra form of DPS for this sole purpose.
  • Illusionists are also known as "Jesters".
  • The clovers/clubs on an Illusionist's outfit represent happiness.



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