Hunter using powerful skill full

Hunter SkillsEdit

Below, are the skills that can be obtained by Hunters. Their skills include abilities that can one shot people that are under 100% health and they are able to summon pets that aide them in battle, as well as spells.

Hunter Class SkillsEdit

Icon Name Level Description
Chain Shot skill icon Chain Shot 1 Hits 3 times, each strike dealing less damage than the last.
Summon Tiger skill icon Summon: Tiger 5 Instantly summons a Hunting Tiger whose level is equal to the skill's level. Increases P-DMG that enemies take by 10%
Hunting skill icon Hunting 5 Commands a Hunting Tiger to attack a target.
Wild Stimulation skill icon Wild Stimulation 10 Increases summon's ACC and CRIT rate for 30 seconds.
Flash Bomb skill icon Flash Bomb 15 Hits target, lowering ACC by 10 for 12 seconds.
Piercing Wound skill icon Piercing Wound 25 Applies a DoT (damage over time) and lowers targets DEF for 12 sec. Hits a designated 20 meter area
Dazing Pierce skill icon Dazing Pierce 30 Hits target, reducing its ASPD + Cast SPD for 12 sec (stacks x3).
Painful Wound skill icon Painful Wound 40 Deals damage to a target, preventing it from being healed for 6 seconds.
Beast Recovery skill icon Beast Recovery 50 Recovers pet's HP.
Poison Arrow Rain skill icon Poison Arrow Rain 60 M-ATK based. Deals Natural Damage every second to all enemies within a 25 meter radius of the selected enemy target, continues for 12 seconds.

Hunter Common SkillsEdit

Icon Name Level Description
Precise Shot skill icon Precise Shot


Increases P-ATK. Inflicts damage and decreases Move SPD on the target. Requires Ranged Weapon.
Perforation skill icon Perforation 3 Inflicts per second damage on a target and decreases its MP for 12 seconds. Requires Ranged Weapon.
Kneecapped skill icon Kneecapped 5 Prevents target from moving and increases the damage taken by target. Requires Ranged Weapon.
Wild Will skill icon Wild Will 7 Increases CRIT rate for 30 seconds.
Eagle skill icon Eagle 9 Increases ACC and ATK SPD for 30 seconds.

Skill InfoEdit

The Summon: Tiger (along with Hunting skill to make Tiger attack) is a Hunter's staple ability. You can resummon the Tiger when it's low on health as long as you're not in combat. This allows them to act as tanks/off-tanks although this doesn't work on higher level dungeons.