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Hunter (Chinese: 獵人, lièrén) is a Ranged DPS class in Eden Eternal. It is available at character creation.

"He's just so cute and cuddly and obeys my every command. KILL!!"



All races
Bow Expert trait icon.png Bow Expert
Hunters treat the P-ATK and M-ATK bonuses on bows as 30% higher.
Light Armor Mastery trait icon.png Light Armor Mastery
Hunters wear light armor.
Eagle Eye trait icon.png Eagle Eye
ACC +30%
Sweet Shooting trait icon.png Sweet Shooting
Knockback 10' (5%/attack)
Wilderness Survival trait icon.png Wilderness Survival
Resist Nature, Fire, and Ice +10%
Double Shot trait icon.png Double Shot
Double hit rate +2%
Fusion Archery trait icon.png Fusion Archery
ATK SPD +20%


Hunter stat modifiers

Human Zumi Anura Ursun Halfkin
HP 105% 98% 110% 111% 97%
MP 105% 115% 99% 101% 121%
STR 107% 105% 107% 110% 105%
AGI 115% 115% 119% 115% 116%
LCK 121% 123% 117% 118% 122%

The following stats are important for Hunters:

  • Strength, for P-ATK
  • Agility, for ATK SPD, EVA, and Parry
  • Luck, for CRIT rate and ACC


Main article: Hunter Class Skills

The skills that can be obtained by Hunters. Their skills include abilities that they are able to summon pets to aide them in battle, as well as damaging spells.


Hunter certificates

Class level Certificate Effect
10 Find Weakness I +10% CRIT DMG
20 Hidden Aura I −5% Malice
30 Treasure Search I +10% LCK
40 Find Weakness II +20% CRIT DMG
50 Hidden Aura II −8% Malice
60 Treasure Search II +15% LCK

Characters earn the Find Weakness, Hidden Aura, and Treasure Search certificates by gaining Hunter class levels.


Hunter image.pngHunter knowledgetree.png

Class ability bonuses[]

Hunter class ability bonuses (CE)

Class level P-ATK and M-ATK bonuses
1–4 No bonus
5–9 +47 P-ATK, +33 M-ATK
10–14 +78 P-ATK, +48 M-ATK
15–19 +109 P-ATK, +63 M-ATK
20–24 +140 P-ATK, +78 M-ATK
25–29 +171 P-ATK, +93 M-ATK
30–34 +202 P-ATK, +108 M-ATK
35–39 +233 P-ATK, +123 M-ATK
40–44 +264 P-ATK, +138 M-ATK
45–49 +295 P-ATK, +153 M-ATK
50–54 +357 P-ATK, +183 M-ATK
55–59 +388 P-ATK, +198 M-ATK
60–64 +481 P-ATK, +243 M-ATK
65–69 +512 P-ATK, +258 M-ATK
70–74 +605 P-ATK, +303 M-ATK
75–79 +636 P-ATK, +318 M-ATK
80–100 +700 P-ATK, +350 M-ATK

A character receives passive bonuses to P-ATK and M-ATK based on the character's Hunter class level. These bonuses apply regardless of the character's current class, and stack with bonuses from other classes.

Gameplay styles[]


When supporting in a party, you can use your skills to affect the enemies using damaging and DPS spells, but also abilities from both your class and Ranged DPS branch to stop the enemy, or cause a debuff. Hunters are very good in dungeons against monsters that have AOE (Area of Effect) spells. Hunters can also act as mob (monster) pullers, bringing only a few monsters to defeat instead of multiple- as well as acting as a distraction. The Hunter's pet: Tiger, can sometimes act as a tank or off-tank on some mini-bosses as well, giving the party extra time to deal damage if the original tank is down.


Very similar to support, but players instead focus on taking out an enemy via sticking it into one place and then dealing out as much damage on as possible. The idea is to deal as much damage as possible before the attacker gets up close and personal. Hunters can hold their own in close range, but starting each battle from a far distance is optimal. In Solo play, it is recommended to use your Tiger as much as possible to tank harder targets that you cannot finish off before they get you, whilst dealing continuous damage. While Hunters can't heal their pets until class level 50 (beast recovery), they can re-summon their Tiger, which will restore the Tiger's HP back to 100%.



While playing as a Hunter, a character will change to his or her light armor set.


Most Hunter skills require a ranged weapon. Some Hunter skills specifically require a bow. Hunters also have the Bow Expert passive ability, improving P-ATK with a bow.