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History[edit | edit source]

The Closed Beta was open to everyone with an Aeria Games account. It began on June 1st, 2011, where more than 100,00 players signed up for. It was then, that the announcement of Closed Beta had ended on June 12th, with Tripe experience available to all players until midnight, (PST). After a few weeks, on June 16th, Eden Eternal announced the release of Beta. Due to this overload of eager players, on the 17th of June, another server: Garnet was introduced. Players who had participated in Closed Beta were able to recieve rewards once Open Beta was open.

The Backstory of Eden Eternal[edit | edit source]

"A little intro on this game. Eden Eternal is the third game produced by upcoming superstar developing studio, X-Legend, with their previous two titles being Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga. X-Legend is working unusually closely with Aeria Games to ensure that Eden Eternal is localized with the highest standards and a successful launch. Now if you are familiar with either of these games, you will feel right at home with the art style and direction Eden Eternal is set with. However don't be fooled (as I was prior to this preview) that this game is another cute pet fighter game like Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal is built with the next generation gamer in mind and delivers its promises.

At the opening of closed beta, players will be only given access to the first of what seemed to be 4 continents and a rather large Australia-like 5th island present on the world map. Associate Producer Jeff assured me that these outside realms were not just map fluff but were actual locations of future content being prepared for post launch, with the first expansion estimated within a month of open beta's start!

Beyond its cute anime graphics lies an intense engine with breath taking special effects, diverse monsters that kept even a veteran like me guessing, and a character and guild customization system that I have only dreamed possible until this day. Do not make the mistake of writing this off as some 3D Maplestory clone. This game packs as many features as recent releases like Forsaken World and implements them in a bug free environment so seamless, it seems unreal to be in an alpha localization stage (Taiwan pre-release of Eden Eternal did wonders for it).

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