map of Golden Plains

Golden Plains (Chinese: 大草原, dà cǎoyuán, "prairie") is the level 42–45 area on the central continent. It contains Golden City, the Mayor's Dream 3-player dungeon, the Veninfang 5-player dungeon, and the Shining Enterprise regional fame faction.

Golden Plains is connected by portals to Wetlands (30–33) to the north and Arid Wilds (46–48) to the southeast, and by balloons from Golden City to Delphi Forest (49–51), Sunset Desert (52–53), Decay Swamp (55–57), and Witchcraft Forest (61–63).


Completing the "City of Prosperity" quests awards the Pesky Prairie Patrols achievement.

Completing the "A Mayor's Slumber" quests awards the Long Lost Inheritance achievement.

Completing the "The Mayor's Dream" quests awards the Dreamer Alice's Nightmare achievement and the Dream Visitor title (INT +20).

Completing the "The Wolfeye Gang" quests awards the Blood of the Wolfeye achievement and one of the three Fire Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Veninfang" quests awards the Rebirth of the Wolfeye achievement and the Wolf Hunter title (WIS +20).