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Greetings, to all Eden Eternal Wiki users!

It has been a while since the wiki has experienced any change whatsoever of current pages, categories and whatnot. It is a undisputed fact that work on the wiki has been slightly slacking. However, with contributions from users and considerate care it will once again be updated and refreshed with new projects, pages and whatnot.

If you have been redirected to this message, please note several things:

  • Current admins are pre-occupied with IRL events and sometimes cannot be available to perform duties and tasks on the wiki. Please show consideration to comments made to any of the admins.
  • Some current pages found within the wiki are in dire need of updating. Please consider leaving a note, message or even a comment, clearly stating this so that it can be bookmarked and addressed as soon as possible.
  • You will find some pages do not exist, as of yet and do not corroborate with current in-game information. This will be updated as soon as possible. If you would like to highlight any major changes, please feel free to add a comment on this page or on my talk page: here.
  • There will also be pages/categories that are noted as unwanted spam. Highlight these also to ensure they are deleted and spam is kept to a minimum if not preferably nil.

Once again, I will continue with my lists on deeds that I shall be performing, though this will not deter me away from my current duties as admin. Stricter controls need to be enforced and pages accounted for.

If you would like to offer help, please feel free to sign up and join as a member of this wiki or continue remaining as you are. Contributions are most welcome :)

Happy gaming! :)

Alexae 21:00, December 27, 2011 (UTC)

Update template
If you see a page with outdated information, please edit the page to improve it, or place an {{update}} template at the top to request help from other editors.

Rigel Kent (talk) 23:00, September 15, 2014 (UTC)

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