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Engrineer in Mecha Mode Human Men

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Engrineer in Mecha Mode Anura

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Engineer in Mecha Mode Halfkin Female


Engineer in Mecha Mode Human Female from their staple ability, Cyber Up

Icon Name Lv Type Weapon Cast Time (seconds) Description Cool Down (seconds)
Heavy artillery Heavy Artillery
P. Atk. Ranged Instant Deals dmg, faints target for 3 sec.
Debug Debug
Instant Removes 2 debuffs on target.
Brain wave Brain Wave 15 P. Atk. Ranged Instant Deals dmg and reduces the target's M. DMG for 12 sec. Stacks 3 times.
Black explosive Black Explosive 20 M. Fire Atk. Gun, Mecha Mode Instant Dmgs targets in 20 ft. area, deals extra depending on how many times Oil Bomb has been stacked on targets.
Oil bomb Oil Bomb 20 P. Nature Atk. Gun, Mecha Mode
Dmgs targets in 20 ft. area, causes DPS for 12 sec. Stacks x3.
Cyber up skill Cyber Up 20 Transformation Instant
Puts you in "Mecha Mode":Gives HP bonus and reduces DMG taken until skill is cancelled.
Slime explosives Slime Explosives 30 M. Nature Atk. Gun, Mecha Mode
Dmgs targets in 20 ft. area and immobilizes them for 6 sec. Any dmg to monster cancels effect.
Armor repair Armor Repair 40 Self-Recovery Mecha Mode
Recovers your HP.
Robotics Robotics 50 P. Attack
Instant Summons a suicide bot that explodes and damages enemies.
Ironman Ironman 60 Buff Mecha Mode
Enhances Mecha Mod: HP up, resistance increase, Oil Bomb and Slime Explosive DMG doubled, lasts 30 sec.

Skill InfoEdit


Cyber Up, Engineer's most remarkable abiltiy, is very unique in that it can make a character that is a single target, fast ASPD, to a very powerful, slower ASPD, almost Tank like AOE character. However, not all skills of Engineer are based on cyber up: Heavy Artilery and Brain wave (along with the Ranged DPS skills) allow Engineer to be a very skilled single target ranged damage dealer as well. They can also remove debuffs with Debug: to remove them on yourself you can go out of Mecha mode, cast it, and then turn back into mecha mode to continue attacking. Because Engineer can switch roles (Ranged DPS to a powerful AOE) they are a great addition to a party who needs an AOER (usually in addition to a Tank that is already there) and then can turn into a powerful Ranger for mini-bosses and bosses in dungeons- as well as for targets that can hit Aoe, or have very powerful affects up close due to a certain ability (Double Door, for instance). The AOE abilities of Engineer work best in a party with a cleric to heal you: this way you can gather a large number of mobs before taking them out, for maximum xp potential. Or a solo Engineer can easily aoe mass amounts of mobs - even soloing dungeons - by slidecasting with Oil Bomb.


  • Many of Engineer's skills, including Armor Repair, Slime Explosives, Oil Bomb, and Black Explosive require you to be in Mecha Mode
  • The Cyber Up transformation makes the character look very simalir to the superhero Iron Man, a fictional character in Marvel Comics Universe.
  • The owners of the server, Called "Game Master" or "GM" for short, have their own, special mecha mode. This takes the form of a large, golden robot with a purple medallion with "GM" on it. It's total power is not known, but it is known that it gives the user high defense and attack, as witnessed by players who have challenged the Gamer Master's to duels in game.