Players can buy fashion items (also known as costumes) from the Item Mall to change their character's appearance. These items do not give any combat stats and are purely aesthetic.

You can only have one fashion item per costume slot. For example, if you have Holy Seraph's Wings equipped you cannot equip Vicious Minidemon's Wings without unequipping the first set because they both use a Back slot.

Before deciding if you want to buy a costume or not, you can hold CTRL and click a costume from the Item Mall to see how it'll look like on your character. These items can be traded unless they're equipped.

Costumes cannot be dyed and don't change color if you change your class. They also have no set have a duration and seem to be currently permanent.

Holy Seraph's Wings[edit | edit source]

Back and Front

Price: 1999 AP

Special: every now and then they'll wiggle.

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