Cleric Class SkillsEdit

Cleric: Masters of party support. The Cleric is knowledgeable on the art of healing, removing debuffs, and preventing allies from taking damage in the first place. This high demand class also specializes in bringing fallen allies back to life and fortifying them with long duration stat bonuses.

Cleric using skill full

Cleric using a skill

Cleric Class Skills






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Skill InfoEdit

What sets the celric apart from other classes is the skill "life cure" which is able to heal massive amounts of hp in just a few seconds.

Life CureEdit

Life cure applies a HoT (Heal over time) on a target, and is an instant cast, and stacks up to 5 times, and lasts 12 seconds. Because of this, Life Cure is a very versatile healing skill that sets Cleric apart as the master of healing.

Sanction's LightEdit