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Like any RPG, Eden Eternal contains a class system, but the ability to play any class in Eden Eternal is what makes the game truly unique. Every class is available to every character. Every player must meet the same requirements to unlock the classes, none of which have any true advantage over the others. Currently, there are 21 available classes and 28 awaken classes within the Eden Eternal arsenal. [1]

Class Branches:[]


Eden Eternal's class system is composed of 5 branches, each with 4 classes. Every 10 levels or so, you'll unlock another playable class. The best part? Once unlocked, your character can freely swap between each class! Switch from Warrior to Illusionist to Bard and back again, no worries. Did you defend a party member in battle as a Knight, only to find they are now low on HP? Simply transform into a Cleric and cast a Healing spell! Free class transformations infinitely deepen Eden Eternal's gameplay experience. [2]

These class types follow the basic archtypes seen in many MMORPG's: Tank Archetypes, who focus mainly on defending the party and use melee attacks, Rogue Archetypes, also known as Melee DPS, who focus mainly on high melee damage output and survivability, Ranged Archtypes, also known as Ranged DPS, who focus mainly on high ranged damage output and minor battle field control, and Magic Archetypes, also known as Magic DPS, who focus mainly focus on high magic damage output (ranged), Area of Effect (AOE) abilities, and major battle field control.

Warrior.png WarriorKnight.png KnightTemplar.png TemplarDragon Knight
Melee DPS
Thief.png ThiefMartial Artist.png Martial ArtistBlade Dancer.png Blade DancerSamurai
Ranged DPS
Hunter.png HunterEngineer.png EngineerRanger.png RangerInquisitor
Magic DPS
Magician.png MagicianIllusionist.png IllusionistWarlock.png WarlockLuminary
Healing and Support
Cleric.png ClericBard.png BardShaman.png ShamanSage

Important to mention that you cannot change class in battle and that everytime you change class, there is a short cooldown (20 seconds), preventing you from changing again instantly. [3]

Begin your adventure as a Warrior or Magician. As you progress, you'll unlock up to 10 additional playable classes. Each branch has a set of unique skills available to all the branch classes, in addition to the set of class skills. Read more about each class branch in their main articles listed below. [4]


It's important to note that your class level is separate from your character level. Your class EXP is seperate than your character EXP: EX: You can have 40% class level, but only 20% character level. And also, your class level cannot exceed your character level, therefore it is advisable to switch class when your class experience reach 100% on the same level as your character level.