Eden Eternal has a unique feature called the B.P. System or Break Point System. Each monster fears certain types of weapons or magic. If you use the correct weapon or spell to exploit this weakness, you can deal Break Point damage during the battle: this will cause the BP bar, (located below the monster's character portrait) to decrease and all the player to far more effectively defeat the monster.

How does it work?[edit | edit source]

Players who successfully take advantage of the monster's weakness or weaknesses will gain better quality loot. To see a monster's possible BP drops, click the ? by the creature's character portrait.

When you take advantage of a monster's weakness their BP bar will deplete and it'll yield extra drops of improved quality when you successfully kill it. This system works on all Bosses within the game.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Sabaster is weak to blunt, fire and nature.

To empty the B.P bar, players must deal damage based on the monster's weakness, which are shown on the left side of the enemy's portrait. They can be blunt, piercing, slashing, fire, ice, nature, lightning, holy or dark.

  • Lightning.png Lightning : This weakness is dealt with lightning spells from a magician or shaman.
  • Nature.png Nature : This weakness is dealt with nature spells from a shaman or cleric.
  • Fire.png Fire : This weakness is dealt with fire spells from a magician, illusionist or bard.
  • Ice.png Ice : This weakness is dealt with ice spells from an illusionist or magician.
  • Holy.png Holy : This weakness is dealt with holy spells from a cleric, templar, or luminary.
  • Dark.png Dark : This weakness is dealt with dark spells from a warlock or luminary.
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