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A list of the bosses found in the Achievements section and their locations.

Name Title Region Level Monster Type Coordinates Achievment Title
Appacka Woolly Bull Limestone Mountain 3 Sharp Horn Yak 81, 358 Never Taurus Apart
Kozbane Shocking Angelly Limestone Mountain.


Rainbow Angelly 92, 181 Tangled
Beelzebub Fegeral Valley 5 Sweet Fruit Bat 279,323
Granite Hands Ancient Mine Spirit Limestone Mountain 6 Limestone Golem 293, 34 Blood from a Stone
Sapo Poisonous Mushroid Limestone Mountain. 6 Rocky High Mushroid 319, 104 Saute with a bit of butter
Slab RockFist Summoned Evil Limestone Mountain 7 Limestone Forged 116, 37 Rock Breaker
Kaba Kaba Indigo Crab Tranquil Hill 8 Starshell Hermit Crab 430, 400 Purple shell Pincher
Dorsey Poison Angelly Tranquil Hill 10 Bay Angelly 512, 146 Sweet Sting of Eternity
Othello Screaming Parrot Tranquil Hill 11 Macaw Raptor 180, 180 I Never Will Speak Word
Tusk Tusk Sawtooth Boar Tranquil Hill 12 Sawtooth Boar 137, 243 Two for One on Tusks
Hakar Eagle Eye Fighter Tranquil Hill 13 Eagle Eye Fighter 154, 405 Blinded by Rage
Johnny Two Hands Speedy Axe Tranquil Hill 13 Speedy Axe 92, 503 Slower Than Molasses
Noctas Glowing Forest Prince Rainbowfall Forest 14 Glowing Forest Prince 488, 250 Goodnight Sweet Prince
Buster Toxic Flower Bud Rainbowfall Forest 15 Toxic Flower Bud 424, 312 A Loose Seal of Approval
Strawman Forest Rambler Rainbowfall Forest 15 Forest Giant 207, 101 Burned the Strawman
Salsa Fantasy Flower Rainbowfall Forest 16 Fantasy Flower 115,66 Dream a Little Dream
Jade Julian Cracked Jaw Rainbowfall Forest 17 Cracked Jaw 30, 480 Shattered Like Glass
Journeyman Kino Totem Master Rainbowfall Forest 18 Totem Maste


The World is Not Beautiful, Yet It Is
Remy Combat Cook Rainbowfall Forest 18 Combat Cook


Galapagos Witch Doctor Rainbowfall Forest 19 Witch Doctor

429, 494

Natural Selection