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Lynei Lynei 2 May 2018

to do (trophies)

notes to self - missing icons in category 

  1. c98d8c 

color ^

missing info: trophies

  • balt
  • banks
  • basset  
  • holy  
  • sacred
  • anura
  • tuskar  
  • bob
  • chino
  • cyclops (i think its supposed to be called sklero's)
  • putrid  
  • galt
  • fred
  • golden medal (wtf is htis) 
  • gore
  • crystal (delete ?)
  • holy king 
  • "" index  
  • Jala
  • Jiro
  • kasi
  • kukala
  • loki
  • legend
  • radbun
  • ram  
  • Robin
  • sacred
  • hans
  • scion
  • sami
  • sonia
  • anura totem 
  • tuskar toem
  • wolfhowl  (delete this page, replica) 
    • wolfho
  • world shell's 

Need to delete (somehow):

  • roger

missing trophies from about lv 60 and above 

  • started lv 90 bc easier 

begin from j after 

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Lynei Lynei 2 May 2018


just randomly organizing to pass time lol (more like procrastinating) 

  1. Gonna write trophies stats 
    • Add icons and description boxes later
      • thigns that need icons 
  2. Update armors 
    • need update 
    • if i had perm, would probably twek the sites css spacing and stuff so it doesnt look so broken 
  3. update weapons table thing 
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Annietta Annietta 1 February 2018


Icons i might need lol

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TrickSh0tter TrickSh0tter 6 June 2014

Eden Eternal Fan - Story

I recently found out about the Eden Eternal Wiki, and so I wanted to join to find more about Eden Eternal and it's features. Now it's one of my favorite MMO's of all time. If I ever get bored, I have my answer in more than 1 second. I play as Luminary and classes that do the most DPS.

I found out about Eden Eternal when it was in BETA TESTING where my friend played it and told me to check it out when it came out. So when it did, I downloaded it from Aeria Games and tried it out and got use to the controls and that. Then, my friend come's and tells me that there will be some minor changes like the new points and achievements + classes and races. I was so excited for this update that I couldn't sleep anymore.

The day when the update came, I go…

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Narumoar Narumoar 19 April 2012

Happenings :D

Well I've made a new guild in Diamond with my alt. Spy. >w< Its name is Gentlemen, but it aint meaning what you might think, that its only for gentlemen o.o Well moar about it later, Im off to study for now~

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Hannahmontanafan90 Hannahmontanafan90 10 December 2011

Lady Moonlight


Moonlight is a single parent of Aria. She is a playable character if a player creates her, along with Aria.

Moonlight has a cold, overprotective personality. After her daughter was away, she began to worry that her daughter was away.

Many years ago, villagers found an orphan who soon will be the village's lady. They took her to the village and named her after the light of the moon. Several years later, Moonlight have grown as a 15-years-old as a princess of the village. A royal family arrived at the village, a prince named Charles III. Moonlight met him and the two fell in love. The queen plans an engagement. Moonlight was worried this would happen and began to attempt to break the engagement. At the engagement, Moonlight was nervous and Ch…

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Hannahmontanafan90 Hannahmontanafan90 4 December 2011

Princess Aria


Aria is a princess who suffers from illness. She is a playable character if a player creates her. After overhearing what Bamen said, she made her decision to prove that he was wrong as she ran away from home.

As a little girl, she is quiet, calm, and fragile. Later as a teenager, she grew mature. Also calm, confident, strong and weak-willed at the same time.

When Aria was only 6-years-old, she lived peacefully with her mother at Tranquil Hill. Later, Airy was sent to keep Aria safe and insisted to do it. Her mother saddenly said her farewell to Aria and watches her daughter go. Suddenly, Aria suffered from illness and other clerics failed to cure her. Airy begged the Eternal Warriors for help, and later, they had a quest to find a cure for …

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Jrlewis96 Jrlewis96 12 September 2011


I look at Category:Talent and I weep.

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Jrlewis96 Jrlewis96 12 September 2011

Updates and what not

Ok so Categories seem to be under control. I'm currently working my way through Category:Item - Unknown and should hopefully be able to delete that category shortly.

My account was hacked by some gold farmers so I'm currently not playing the game. All my gear for my MA and my Hunter is gone and sold as well as anything else. My gold is gone as well. :-(

I'm still working on an efficent way to link things within templates so that they do not add uneeded categories to their pages. I have created Template:General and Template:GenInfo to this effect. They basically function like their cut and paste counter parts but without the auto category fill.

Lastly, I noticed once (and don't I wish I remember where) where a Category page was used to describ…

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Jrlewis96 Jrlewis96 17 August 2011



Categories are done up to Heavy Armor and I've been working on Trophies and Fame Chest rewards. This includes making trophies, rings, and necklaces accessories in the template to keep with our style guide. This means manually adding ring, ring lv, trophy, trophy lv, etc. I've also added them as armor and equipment since they change stats. Still a lot of work to do but things are progressing. Jrlewis96 01:18, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

After spending some time searching for things I've nearly lost my sanity. As such I'm putting my other projects on hold till I can get some of these Categories straightened out. If you would like to help move the process along the easiest thing you can tackle is the LV categories. They should all have thei…

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Jrlewis96 Jrlewis96 16 August 2011

Project Ranger

Ok so I'm calling this Project Ranger simly because thats my end goal as a character class. It will entail working on everything that has to do with the Ranger class, including Martial Artist, Thief, and Hunter (these are all pre-requisites on the way to becoming a Ranger). This project will also encompass the Weapons and Category:Equipment used by these classes.

  • Update Cestus entries with complete information
  • Complete Weapons Table at Cestus
  • Editing Directions at Cestus
  • All Cestus added to the Categories Cestus, Cestus LV (xx), and Equipment
  • All Categories Cestus LV (xx) added to the Category Cestus.

  • Update Bow entries with complete information
  • Change all Bow from Item template to Weapon template (This Should be done first)
  • Change aspd variable t…

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Alexae Alexae 4 August 2011

Shamone! :D

Woah, this Wiki is looking FINE! I mean that in every sense of the word ;) The much appreciated and welcomed help from the Content Team, means this Wiki is looking better than ever before! :D

Anyways, gotta get back to actually making sure it lives up to it's looks. Still got a LOT of Unfinished Deeds, (see my previous blog post) to do. Besides, gotta wait for the New Content, Aeria has promised us to be arriving soon this month...so I leveling is a must if you wanna get to those zones.

As ever, I'm still working on my dutiful Deeds--also awaiting for some higher-quality screenshots of monsters to come through...graphics, need some work there...Monsters need to look as ug-lay as possible :D

'Asta la vista! Alexae 17:11, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

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Alexae Alexae 25 July 2011

Unfinished Deeds

Herro! (It's not how you spell "Hello"- but it's new, right?)

You may have noticed it's summer. I guess that allows for some--perhaps, minuscule amount of slacking >.> Nevertheless, I plan to be completing, (and hopefully, crossing off! *angryface*) these pages:

The individual Class pages, and everything below it o_O -- Mucho trabajos! They all match the Hunter page. :]

Certificates- I've just started this page, so don't worry if it's still blank. All edits were me, just that I wasn't logged in >.<

Dungeons-- need to fix red links on Bosses; add drops and further Quests.

Quests-- Erm, I think there are more than this?

Just added Quest titles for now, as well as corresponding categories--just need to add the information within the actual pages them…

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Hitsuzen13 Hitsuzen13 11 June 2011

My Templates

I'd like to ask contributors to use the corresponding item template if you're going to add an item, or the class skill template if you're going to add a skill.

To add a new item, decide first if you're adding a weapon, an armor, or something else. If it's a weapon, use the weapon template. It looks like this:

. Eventually, that page will have a map that points to where the beastie is and some pictures and drop lists and hp and skills and... You get the point.

You can set up to a total of 10 rewards, 5 selectable, and 5 that aren't. They look like this:

|select1 = Magic Dog |select1amt = 1 |select2 = Battle Dog |select2amt = 1 |reward1 = HP Potion |reward1amt = 5 |reward2 = MP Potion |reward2amt = 5

If you wanted to add money as a reward,…

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Liosrakia Liosrakia 10 June 2011


I currently have persmission to use guides/info on Eden Eternal from these people from aeria forums:





Currently waiting from: DM Bun Bun

I will be putting their info up here in guides directly, giving credit to each of them. If any uses their information in such a way (directly putting it on the site)- it should be followed (for now) by (page name), By (Forum name), and in the page their should be a least one link to that forum player's page- Liosrakia 15:56, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

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Liosrakia Liosrakia 2 June 2011

admin status

Hi whoever runs this sight can I have admin status? It would help alot in my work and I've added alot of stuff so ya.

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Liosrakia Liosrakia 1 June 2011

To do list2

  • 1 Projects:
  • 2 Class Expertise(curent...soon)#1
  • 3 Skills (on hold)#2
  • 4 Quest Page (on hold)#3
  • 5 Community Pages/Categories (on hold)#4 and Infinity
  • 6 Layouts
  • 8 SLEEP

Current projects:
Quests, Skills, and all Community Pages

Not really a project, but I'll be sporadically adding and editing some game mechanic pages, such as Hit Points, Death, EXP, stats, and things like that.

One of the harder jobs, due to the amount of work it takes to add all the expertise's. I will be working on this as my next project. STARTING THIS FRIDAY!

The only skills I haven't added have been a few of the higher level ones. I'm also missing two icons for some Ranger skills, not to mention missing information for which icons go with which skills. So the main part of this pr…

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Femi96 Femi96 1 June 2011

No more Blogs

I will not write a Blog.

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Liosrakia Liosrakia 1 June 2011


. Welcome: currently we're trying very hard to get this site up and running for other players. Check out my other blog post for info on what you can do to help. Other than that, just know the site is in process of being built still- we're getting closer, but we're still a far way off from where we need to be. Or at least where I think we need to be. :

Since this post originally, we've expanded hugely: thanks to alot of new wiki users as well who helped!


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