"You should know by now that there is nothing more devastating in the world than true beauty."

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Blade Dancer


Character Level: 50; Bard Level: 35

Beneath the Blade Dancer's glittery, ribboned exterior is an extremely ferocious fighter. You'll need the Blade Dancer in top form to take on Eden's final dungeons and NPCs. Wielding sharpened twin swords, the blade dancer excels at multiple target attacks, swiftly damaging all nearby enemies in a shiny, hypnotic blur. [1]


Blade dancer stats

Blade Dancer's skills capture the damaging qualities that the Melee DPS is renowned for, as well as many offensive (and defensive buffs) to help themselves and their allies.


Main Stats: Luck, Strength, Agility

  • Offensive: P-ATK (Str), Attack Speed (Agi),P-Crit Rate (Luck), P-Crit Damage (str), Accuracy (Luck)
  • Defensive: Evasion (Agi) (Esgrimer)


Blade Dancer is the third class available in the Melee DPS class branch, who focuses on using one handed swords. Blade Dancer uses a multitude of powerful hypnotizing abilities, swift cuts, and offensive and defensive buffs to aid in defeating enemies.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Characteristic Race Effect
Gymnast icon Gymnast All Move SPD +5%
Sword Expert icon Sword Expert Human When equipped with a sword, 1 H sword ATK & M-ATK +10%
Temperament icon Temperament Zumi When equipped with a 1 H Bladed weapon, 1 H Bladed Weapon ATK SPD +10%
Anura Dance icon Anuran Dance Anuran Increases CRIT Rate +30%
Light Armor Mastery trait icon Light Armor Mastery All Can wear Light Armor


Certificate Level Effect
Smile icon Smile I 10 Decreases Malice caused by attacks by -5%
Dynamic body Dynamic Body I 20 When equipped with a 2 H weapon, Parry chance +4%
Dancing master icon Dancing Master I 30 CRIT Rate +5%
Smile iconSmile II 40 Decreases Malice caused by attacks by -8%
Dynamic bodyDynamic Body II 50 When equipped with a 2 H weapon, Parry chance +7%
Dancing master iconDancing Master II 60 CRIT Rate +10%

Talent TreeEdit

Knowledge TreeEdit

Class ExpertiseEdit

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Blade Dancer's wear Light Armor. Blade Dancer's focus mainly on 1H weapons.


BladeDancer Female
  • Blade Dancer, along with Shaman, is the only 3rd class that does not require two classes to unlock.
  • Blade Dancer, along with Shaman, has the lowest class and character requirements of the 3rd job classes.