Interface: The BasicsEdit

  • To log-in, use your Aeria account information.

Character InterfaceEdit

Character portrait

The above character portrait shows the current status of your character. The top pink bar is your Health (or Health Points, HP), the blue bar below this is your Mana, (or Mana Points, MP).

The two numbers at the top are the character and class levels. Class level cannot exceed character level, so if they are the same it may be wise to switch to a different class while you gain more experience. In the example above, the character Lyolia, is level 5, but is a level 1 Magician.

Target InterfaceEdit


When an NPC, monster, or player is targeted, their information appears in the target interface screen. Right clicking on the target interface will bring up possible actions relevant to the target.

A monster's level is color-coded to the player's character level. Monsters with red level numbers are challenging to impossible, while a grayed out level indicates that players will not receive experience for killing this monster. In the example alongside, the monster's name is seen to be Janus, an aggressive monster seen by his red name. The color of a target's name will indicate their disposition towards the player. Red indicates aggressive monsters, yellow passive, and green friendly. Just like player portraits, targeted creatures will also display their health and mana.

Special EventsEdit


As you play, you will unlock certain aspects of the game. When you do, a notice will pop up in this area.

Notices include:

  • Level Up
  • New Class Unlocked
  • Achievement Attained
  • Title Earned
  • Story Unlocked
  • Outfit Upgrade Unlocked



A great deal of information can be found in the minimap, as well as additional links and shortcuts. Quests, NPCs , and party members will show up as icons on the minimap. Additional co-ordinates are also presented.

Icon Function Icon Function
Regionmapicon Region Map Crystalacademyicon Crystal Academy
Zoomicon Zoom In/Out Craftingicon Crafting
Titleicon Titles Fortificationicon Fortification
Reputationicon Reputation Eventboardicon Event Board
Achievementicon Achievement Battlefieldsicon Battlefields
Archiveicon Archive Rankingsicon Rankings
Mailicon Mail

Other Map icons:

Icon Function Icon Function
Playerlocationicon Player Location Regionsearchicon Region Search
Partymembericon Party Member Mountmerchanticon Merchant: Mounts
Lovericon Lover's Location Warpicon Travel: Warp
Portalicon Portal Auctioneericon Auctioneer
Generalmerchanticon Merchant: General Avaliablequesticon Available Quest
Merhcantweaponsicon Merchant: Weapons Questtargeticon Quest Target
Armormerchanticon Merchant: Armor Soulguardianicon Soul Guardian

Menu IconsEdit


Players have access to shortcuts via the Menu hotkey. These allow access to quicker and speedier gaming.

Icon Function Shortcut
Partysearchicon Party Search- Allows to find other players to quest with, or fill out a party for a dungeon.
Characterinfoicon Character Information- Open your character information sheet. This shows your current stats and gear.
Openbackpackicon Open Backpack- View items currently in your inventory/backpack.
Questlogicon Quest Log- Open the Quest Log. From here you can turn on/off the quest tracker, add or remove quests to the tracker, and view your current progress.
Socialicon Community/Social- Add friends, block enemies, and stay in touch with loved ones.
Classskillicon Classes and Skills- This window allows you to use skill points toward skills and change your classes.
Guildicon Guild Options- Opens the guild interface: manage your guild, recruit new players, and visit Guild towns.
Itemmallicon Item Mall- If you have purchased AP, this is the place to spend it.
Gameoptionsicon Game Options- From the options menu you can change Video and Audio settings, including resolution. You can also restructure your hotkey settings to suit your play style, or log off and select a different character to play

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