Summon Scrolls:Edit


You can summon monsters at a Summoning Altar and choose to defeat them there. Summon scrolls can be purchased from a "Summon Merchant" and then taken to a nearby summon altar to perform the ritual. These scrolls will tell you the strength of the monster and the reward.

Once you take your summon scroll to the altar and summon it, there will be a short countdown and then the monster will appear and attack. Defeat the monster and earn a reward!



Early in your adventures in Eden Eternal, you will choose a personal companion.

These pets can be summoned simply by right clicking on them in your inventory or equipping them to your character. They will follow you around and pick up your loot for you. They will also give you a passive buff and take your side in battle! (But this will only happen after completing the quest: L25. Pet Combat Skill)

More exotic and powerful pets can be purchased from the Item Mall, or looted of enemy monsters.



A duel is a friendly battle between players. There is no penalty for death, nor is there a reward for winning.

If you want to Duel another player, begin by:

  • Click on the character to bring up their character portrait.
  • Right click on their character portrait to bring up the interaction menu.
  • Select "Duel".
  • The player will receive a prompt asking if they want to duel. If they agree, a countdown will begin.
  • Once the countdown ends..FIGHT!