map of Avila Volcano

Avila Volcano (Chinese: 阿維拉火山, ā wéi lā huǒshān) is the level 38–41 area on the central continent. It contains Loto, the Baram's Chasm 3-player dungeon, the Baltaroi Core 5-player dungeon, and the Fire-Eyes Followers regional fame faction.

Avila Volcano is connected by portal to Wetlands (30–33) to the southeast.


Completing the "Volcanic Ecology" quests awards the The Circle of Life achievement.

Completing the "Ebaster's Flames" quests awards the The Fall of Belmont achievement.

Completing the "Baram's Chasm" quests awards the The 3 Elements and the Flame Crystal achievement and the Core Courage title (LCK +16).

Completing the "Stop the Zealots" quests awards the Take a little off the top. achievement, the Village Hero title (AGI +20), and one of the three Ice Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Baltaroi Core" quests awards the Stop, Drop & Roll achievement and the Baltaroi Redeemer title (STR +20).