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This NPC used to known as Village Head Schoss


Systematically, Andrew will recite tips to players through the chatbox (in random order).

  • "Converse with those around you to learn useful information.""
  • "Always sort your backpack (hotkey B) to free up spaces."

Talk to Text[]

"Some strange things have happened in the village lately, but I think everything'll be okay eventually," Andrew said with a smile.

"Hope thrives in this place. Many people start out from here and then go on to realize their dreams."

IconTalk.png How to Accumulate Fame Points[]

"If you want to become respected and famous among the villages here, help them solve their problems by finishing quests."

"Just rememember that your contributions to local residents only raise your fame in that village. When you go to the next town, you need to build a relationship with those residents as well."

"When you have gained a certain amount of Fame Points. you can obtain special items from the Fame Chests behind village chiefs and leaders. these items are very precious because they cannot be bought."

"[Character Name], I believe you'll be famous all over the world one day."